Old School Living Room at Allegro Hi-Fi

If you’re walking down the street in Vienna and suddenly fancy an evening of sitting on a rust-colored naugahyde sofa with a cocktail in hand listening to vinyl spinning on old school hi-fi turntables, Allegro Music and Wine Lounge is the place to go. Vintage stereo equipment is certainly the theme of this throwback to the seventies, which offers a wide variety of hi-fi components and a cooly curated selection of vintage vinyl. Choose a record, drop the needle, and enjoy.

photo credit: Allegro

Wiener Schnitzel & Bowling

Cafe Korb

At Café Korb in Vienna, 60s Pop Art meets the traditional Viennese coffee house.  Owned by Susanne Widi, a model, performance artist, and actress in the 1960s, Korb’s retro décor exudes cool kitsch. Korb does some of the best Weiner Schnitzel & coffee in Vienna, but it’s the vintage bowling alley in the basement that distinguishes this coffee house from all others.  If philosophy is more your style than bowling, check out the salon of university philosophy professors held here every second Saturday of the month.  Definitely don’t miss the Artlounge, the ultra modern bathrooms designed by an Austrian quartet of painters, architects, & designers: Günter Brus; Peter Kogler; Manfred Wolff-Plottegg; and Peter Weibel. The doorknobs alone are worth having a look…