Gaming Galore – The Mothership


I love computers, but not as a gamer or coder or programmer or anything of the sort. I love them from a historical point of view. The history of computers is a fascinating one. I used to love the Computers & Business Machines exhibition at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, but when the newly renovated museum reopened after years of being closed, this wonderful display of postwar technological history was gone, with just a fraction of its items being relegated to a much smaller exhibit on technology in general. I was rather dismayed.

So I was thus most happy to discover the Computerspielmuseum in Berlin, which details the history of computer gaming and contains an archive of 20,000 games that are currently being digitized. The museum’s collection of gaming devices is not enormous, but it is varied and illustrates how the original form and design were so simple compared to today’s complex systems. As someone who remembers the first Atari system hitting the market, I’m constantly amazed at the complexity of today’s gaming systems.

Any gamer will love this museum. Go forth and play!!

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Vintage Shoe Shopping in Berlin


I’m a born & bred Floridian, so mostly when I talk about shoes, it’s flip-flops.  But when it comes to anything vintage, I’m down with it.  That’s why I love Calypso Vintage Shoes in Berlin.  Head shoe curator, Rosemarie, has put together a collection of vintage shoes that dates back to the 1930s.  From 60s mod to 70s glam to the seriously cheesy, lovers of vintage shoes will find something here that will strike their fancy.


Oderbergerstr.14, 10435 Berlin, Germany  +49 30 2816165

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Vegan at the Lucky Leek

The Luck Leek

Vegan haute cuisine.  This is the only way to describe the food at the Lucky Leek  in Berlin, where chef Josita Hartanto brings whimsy and flair to her food as she reinterprets the classics as vegan dishes that easily stand up to those of Michelin-starred restaurants. Each week, Hartanto offers a new menu of one to five courses that is based on seasonal & regional ingredients which she uses to develop amazing flavors that you will want to savor.  This is gourmet vegan food at its finest, and you will leave wanting to come back.



Retro & Kitsch – 25 Hours in Hamburg

Henri Mancini in Hamburg? Indeed. Walk through the entrance of the 25 Hours Hotel and you can almost hear the Pink Panther theme song playing in the background. With a 60s mod theme and a funky mix of retro design elements, this hotel transports guests back to a time when television was black and white and everyone was drinking martinis by 5:00pm. The guest rooms evoke the classic era of James Bond films with their soft patterned wallpaper, exposed concrete, and lots of radiant white, as well as zebrawood and accents in red and magenta. Not to be missed, the fourth floor boasts an open-air cocktail lounge where guests can order their drinks “shaken, not stirred” under pink-fringed sun umbrellas…007 himself would be proud.

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