Cliff Barnes, Sue Ellen, & Pitchers of Cocktails…

Sue Ellen

Stockholm has done it.  It has solved the Ewing-Barnes feud!!  Well, sort of.  If you side with the Ewing clan, then head on over to Sue Ellen’s, a fab gastropub with a great selection of beers from the Gotlands Bryggeri microbrewery.  Now, if the Barnes family is where your loyalties lie, then Cliff Barnes is the place for you!  This bar honors the massive amounts of whiskey drinking that happened on Dallas by serving cocktails in pitchers!  Yes, they serve pitchers of cocktails…and you will drink them in this converted school of a bar! For the fans of the old Dallas or the new, this set of watering holes is a must while in Stockholm!

Cliff & Sue Ellen

Chez Apple Brown Betty

Chez Betty

Tucked away down a side street in Stockholm, Chez Betty is a quaint little bistro created by Linus Ahlstetd & Mikael Gröndal.  It offers superb French fare with a Mediterranean flair.  The menu changes daily, but recent favorites include a fried egg with ham followed by grilled monkfish with hake, mussels, and a dollop of aioli. There are only six tables, so be sure to make a reservation.

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