Urban Cocktail High Tea in Amsterdam


Cocktails in Amsterdam?  Of course!  But there’s a new way to do it – the Urban Cocktail High Tea at Vesper.  After a morning of shopping in the trendy Noordermarkt (foodies will love it on Saturdays while procurers of kitsch should browse on Mondays), stop by Vesper and spend a boozy afternoon with friends.  The expert bartenders will serve cocktails (from a teapot, no less) in tea cups that come complete with stems as a play on traditional martini glasses.  In between raspberry mimosas or cucumber martinis, you can nosh on a variety of petite sandwiches and pastries from local restaurants, food markets, & patisseries.


I love Vesper because of juxtaposition of cool sleek design and kitsch, which even extends to the names of the drinks themselves.  Try the pisco-infused “Art of War” or the “Local Old Fashioned,” a Jenever-based cocktail served, in the Dutch tradition, with a slice of rye bread wrapped in bacon. And then there’s the “Beyond the Piñas”…a concoction that is gloriously high-octane, but just this side of heaven in taste.  Starting with an absinthe-coated glass, the bartender adds Mezcal, orange sherbet, freshly squeezed lime juice, pineapple, and a few drops of key lime bitters. Who knew shopping and high tea could be so fun? Only in Amsterdam!!

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