Bitter Banana Ganache & Marzipan

The Chocolate Line
The Chocolate Line

I am always seeking new and interesting flavor pairings when I travel.  In the world of chocolate, The Chocolate Line in Bruges offers up some of the most unique flavors that I’ve found. Created by Dominique Persoone, this little shop in Bruges will blow your chocolate mind.  And lest you think that I am exaggerating, this is the guy who invented the chocolate inhaler for The Rolling Stones…and grass flavored ganache.  It’s difficult to choose favorites here, but the Tequila, known as a choc-tail, is up there. Chocolate ganache with lime that is only meant to be eaten after taking a shot of tequila? Yeh, sign me up!  And who could resist the Chapeau Napoléon — bitter banana ganache topped with marzipan and covered in dark chocolate. Five minutes in this place and you will surely be in a chocolate coma. Go on, indulge your palette with one…or three of their exciting flavor contrasts.

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